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Take Control of Your Family’s Health With Zumo Health - The Affordable Health and Wellbeing Companion


4.9 Stars (900+ Verified Reviews)

A Comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Support Network, Connecting You With GMC-registered GPs, Accredited MH Professionals, And Legal & Financial Experts 24/7

  • Skip the queues at your GP
  • Book unlimited phone and video appointments
  • Speak with GMC-registered doctors
  • Protect your whole family with one account
  • Choose your preferred medical professional
  • Have your prescriptions delivered locally
  • Benefit from legal & financial support
  • Speak with accredited mental health experts

“Ultimate Peace of Mind”


Jane Wallace, Verified Subscriber

“When my eldest son was getting ready to go to university, my husband and I couldn’t stop worrying about everything that might go wrong. Of course, you want them to have fun, but you hear all of these horror stories about accidents, and illness, and mental health… We could barely sleep! Luckily, a friend turned us onto ZumoHealth. Having that peace of mind in place, knowing he can always call for help, 24 hours a day, really makes a difference. It’s a must for any parents in the same position who want some reassurance that their child is safe.”

Zumo Health Benefits

Purpose Built To Protect You And Your Family

24/7 GP Access

Zumo Health’s online GP service connects you with a fully qualified UK doctor when you and your family need it most, reducing long wait times. Appointments can be arranged for a day and time that suits you, with no limit on the duration or number of the calls.

Mental Wellbeing

Our counselling line provides you and your family access to qualified counsellors around the clock, offering vital support and advice. With the challenges we face on a daily basis, protecting our mental health has become an essential part of everyday life.

Legal Support

Access to 24/7 legal advice from one of the country’s top law firms with highly trained specialists, based in the UK, covering all areas of law.

Financial Support

Independent and confidential financial advice on all aspects of budgeting, benefits entitlement, and payment negotiations, helping you on your journey back to financial health.

How It Works

Take Control of Your Family's Health In 3 Steps:


Book your appointment online

Speak with NHS-trained GP


Receive your prescription


One plan. Unlimited Appointments.


*Premium Plan benefits


Claim up to £60 back on routine examinations, dental treatments, dentures, and much more, and a cash refund of up to £200 on costs incurred as a result of dental accidents.

Diagnostic Consultation, Screenings, and Scans

Claim up to £200 on MRI, CT, and PET scans, and up to £100 on a variety of examinations including Mammography, Osteoporosis screenings, and Heart Disease checks.

Professional Therapies

Our professional therapies cover can help you save on a number of treatments by claiming back up to £150. This includes Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Reflexology treatments.


Our chiropody cover allows you to claim back up to £25 on a variety of chiropody treatments, including orthotics, when provided by a qualified chiropodist or podiatrist.


Our optical cover gives you a cash refund on costs incurred for optical treatment and goods of up to £60. The cover includes eye tests, spectacles, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, prescription goggles, sunglasses, and much more.

Ear Wax Removal

Our ear wax removal cover can be carried out by a number of practitioners; pharmacists, registered doctors and nurses, and registered audiologists. Policy holders can claim back up to £50.

How Does Zumo Health Compare?

Zumo Health

Other Online Healthcare Providers

Recognised By Major Publications

Zumo Health Has Been Making Waves Since Its Launch Earlier This Year


Zumo Health is Rated 4.9 Stars by 900+ Customers!




Based on 1,178 Reviews












Linda T.

Verified Subscriber

United Kingdom

“Last time I tried to book in with my local GP, I ended up waiting on the phone for over 40 minutes, and even after all that, I never even got the appointment! I found Zumo Health after deciding to do some research, and I couldn’t believe the range of services they had. Suddenly, I had easy access to GPs 24/7, with no confusing booking systems and no delays, all for £20 per month. It’s been life-changing.”


Adam S.

Verified Subscriber

United Kingdom

“Being self-employed, I lose money every time I have to wait around for a GP appointment. This gets even worse when you factor in complicated booking systems and unhelpful office staff. Zumo Health has been the perfect way around those problems. That’s worth the price of admission alone, but the other benefits like legal and financial advice, and mental health consultation, are an added bonus for someone like me.”


Jennifer N.

Verified Subscriber

United Kingdom

“When my boss said she was cracking down on days off for GP appointments, I was worried that my chronic health condition could end up getting me sacked…..Zumo Health saved me from those worries! The video calls are really useful, and the fact that they’re available 8am ‘til 10pm means I can always speak to someone at a time that suits me. Thank you Zumo Health!”

Our Mission: To Create Healthier Communities Across The UK By 2025

At Zumo Health, we believe that the health and wellbeing of every individual is key to the prosperity of the whole. This principle underlies everything, from our ability to do our jobs, to the way we live, to the way we help society to move forward. Access to high quality healthcare, legal, and financial services helps to facilitate this growth, allowing individuals to work, live, and innovate within healthier, happier communities.


What is Zumo Health?

An affordable health and wellbeing package designed to help support you and your household, with access to vital services when you need them most.

When are GP appointments available?

Phone appointments are available to Zumo Health users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while video consultations can be booked between the hours of 8am and 10pm.

How do I book an appointment?

Slots can be booked online via the online dashboard. Options will be displayed with a selection of times and dates, so you can make sure the appointment is perfectly suited to your needs.

What can Zumo Health GPs do?

The consultations with our NHS-trained GPs can cover all aspects of general practice, including additional advice on chronic disease management, minor illness, prescriptions, travel, and lifestyle.

Is Zumo Health good value for money?

Private healthcare can be over £100 per month, with 10-minute online GP appointments sometimes costing as much as £49, while mental health counselling sessions can run well over £60 per hour. Zumo Health offers all of the aforementioned services in one package for less than £20 per month.

What Zumo Health packages are available?

The standard package includes 24/7 GP, Mental wellbeing, Legal and Financial Support. The Premium Package includes 24/7 GP, Mental wellbeing, Legal and Financial Support, and the Health Cash Back Plan.

What is included in the Health Cash Back Plan?

This service – which is included as part of Zumo Health’s Premium Package – allows policyholders to claim up to £870 per year on routine health costs. This includes optical, dental, diagnostic consultations and scans, health screening, professional therapies, ear wax removal, chiropody, NHS prescriptions, and flu vaccinations, allowing you to recoup all or part of your expenses.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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